Are you tired of starving yourself silly to get that perfect summer bikini body, only to put a stone back on by Christmas?
Fed up of starting the New Year with the latest diet ‘craze’ only to be back where you started – and more – by March?
I was.

Until I learned the secret every dieter needs to know – the power of hypnosis.
In Mind Over Fatter I’ll help to train your mind so you can break free of the diet cycle once and for all.

Anna XX

ANNA RICHARDSON has presented seven TV series about dieting and spent over twenty years battling the bulge, yet it was only after hypnotherapy that she began to see what triggered her overeating and how she could overcome it. Inspired, she decided to train as a hypnotherapist and in Mind Over Fatter she shares the secrets she has learned.

    Mind Over Fatter is Anna’s three-step programme to long-term weight loss:

  • Use Anna’s Free Hypnosis Downloads to teach your subconscious to  see yourself slim.
  • Use Anna’s scientifically proven Seven Secrets of Slim to think yourself slim.
  • Use Anna’s 14-day Healthy-Eating Plan, created from 60 delicious recipes, to eat yourself slim.
SEE Yourself Slim
THINK Yourself Slim
EAT Yourself Slim
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